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Crucially—as it was in ancient times of the First Temple priests—Mosaic Kabbalah is the only mystical-initiatory system the world has known that is entirely focused on achieving access to and establishing a relationship with the Mysterium Tremendum—the “Wholly Other”—a.k.a. the God of Israel. No other praxis can or does claim the same, including all other varieties of Jewish mysticism.

This practice is, understandably, potentially highly dangerous and requires knowledgeable specialized direction, guidance, and close supervision, in addition to a key requirement of inherent psychological and intellectual suitability of the would-be candidate for a Mosaic Kabbalah initiation.

The iAiS-MaKoM Spiritual Retreat Center’s training program does not claim to be appropriate for each and every Seeker or to be the answer to everyone’s quest for transformative spiritual experiences.

The Center teaches the ancient Hebrew Way—which has many similarities with other ancient as well as modern consciousness-expanding traditions. Yet, it is also, in some of its most crucial aspects, profoundly different—in its aims, methods, results, and conceptualizations.

To give a key example, while many esoteric-mystical-religious traditions focus on such transformational goals of the aspirants as the elimination of one’s Self or, at the other extreme, on the Self’s divinization, the ancient Mosaic Kabbalah endeavored to prepare the future adept for the most awesome—and awesomely dangerous—encounter of one’s life: the encounter of and with the living God of Israel.

Thus the emphasis of the system is not on one’s Self but on the Absolute Other, the Thou—with the resultant consequence of the Self’s ensuing massive epistemic and cognitive expansion.