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Mosaic Kabbalah is the heretofore-undiscovered, nearly lost ancient Israelite mystical and esoteric lore, the kabbalistic system of Moses, the legendary adept and servant of YHWH the God of Israel. In accordance with the Sôd Hypothesis, this system was the very initiatory praxis of the First Temple priestly hierarchy, which zealously guarded this precious inner knowledge that founded the Jewish religion some three millenniums ago. Mere whispers were known to hint of its existence throughout Jewish history.

This system—called the Sôd, or “secret,” in those whispers—is being recovered today through the coded “second-channel” metaphoric-allegorical coded level of the Hebrew Scriptures. It is there, inside the Torah’s pages, that the priests, rightly apprehensive of the coming destruction, embedded their system’s key elements. It’ll henceforth be their eternal communication to future generations—across three millennia and containing one of humanity’s most potent and principal spiritual inheritances.

The mystical-initiatory, foundational system of Hebrew-Jewish priests of the First Temple in Jerusalem (957–587 BCE) was only recently recovered, in a rudimentary form. The discovery of the tenets and the crucial aspects of the priestly esotericism is the pioneering work of Dr. Alex S. Kohav, the founder of the Institute for Ancient Israelite Spirituality and the iAiS-MaKoM Spiritual Retreat Center. Dr. Kohav subsequently developed the transmitted-and-received outlines of the ancient Hebraic tradition into a teachable modern framework (which he named the “Mosaic Kabbalah”).