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Jewish Spirituality and Training in the Mosaic Kabbalah Tradition

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The best way—the only way—to gain spiritual understanding is to practice it. iAiS-MaKoM Spiritual Retreat Center supports your spiritual growth by offering trainings and other events around the world, in a most appropriate and relevant approach for practicing the ancient Israelite spiritual tradition.


Once you have read through our materials, or watched the video interviews with Dr. Kohav, you might wonder as to how to proceed next. Learn about our trainings and retreats, where you can test your spiritual yearning and ideas against Judaism practices of ancient times.


In the end, it is practice of Mosaic Kabbalah—rather than an intellectual understanding of it—that might offer a real opportunity for a discovery of the untold inner riches and extraordinary spiritual worlds. It is the Way of the Hebrew Warrior—the spiritual inheritance of Israel, and thus also of the entire human family.


Spirituality and Practice at iAiS-MaKoM Spiritual Retreat Center


iAiS-MaKoM Spiritual Retreat Center’s spiritual and self-transformational retreats allow the Seeker an opportunity to focus; to be shocked; to come to some extraordinary realizations; and potentially, to transform. Retreats take place at special locations in the world, from Colorado to Hawaii to Florida to Israel, and sometimes everywhere else in between. Learn about current and future retreat locations.



A Unique Spiritual System within the Panoply of Judaism Practices


There are so many traditions of spirituality and practice that seekers today can turn to. Whether it is Buddhist retreats, Yoga getaways, Islamic pilgrimages, or assorted Kabbalistic meditative classes and workshops, spiritual guidance seems abundant. This includes the many versions of Jewish spirituality and religious practice, as reflected in the denominational categories of contemporary Judaism.


iAiS-MaKoM Spiritual Retreat Center’s unique perspective on First Temple Judaism and the panoply of Judaism practices existing today is grounded in the simple reality: It is the sole spiritual practice in the world that comes from the ancient Israel of almost 3000 years ago.


What dramatically sets Mosaic Kabbalah apart, in addition to its ancient provenance, is its viewing spirituality as a path to and, eventually, direct, safe access to the living God of Israel.


Recovered and restored by Dr. Kohav following his groundbreaking research findings—who has personally experienced the profound transformational effects of the mystical-esoteric legacy of ancient Israel—adapted and developed for today’s Seekers, Mosaic Kabbalah’s inimitable, singular and idiosyncratic framework has deep, profound contemporary resonance and relevance.


The Benefits of Mosaic Kabbalah Spiritual Practice


Spiritual practice isn’t just about contemplation and/or praying or “meditating.” It isn’t merely about relaxing, however deeply, and harmonizing with the environment, though that may well happen. Spirituality and practice, in the Mosaic Kabbalah context, are about liberating the vast power that is your avowed inheritance as a ben Adam, or a son or a daughter of Adam and Eve created in God’s image. iAiS-MaKoM Center Training Program


~ This kind of spirituality and practice has the capacity to change everything ~


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Jewish Spirituality and Training