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Summer Mountain Retreat
Boulder, Colorado (July 3–6, 2020)


KABBALISTIC NO-MAN’S-LAND Aleph Initiation Level: The Seeker (“One Who Awakens”)       The 3 1/2 day program includes: (I) Select Meditations of the Aleph Initiation; (II) Interactive explorations of Mosaic Kabbalah’s introductory ideas: Exploring the “Nefesh” soul/consciousness level; (III) Personal Interviews.

This retreat will take place at Boulder’s Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel. Special group rates were negotiated for the event nights (can be extended at those rates if rooms are available). Participants are not required to stay at the hotel. Book your hotel reservation from the CALENDAR page on this site.

“Early bird” registration & retreat fee is $199; full fee is $299. Students and low-income attendees: $99. Excludes lodging & meals. Add $45 to take part in the group Friday night, 3-course dinner.

[CANCELLATIONS: The fee is fully refundable up to thirty days prior the event. After that, 70% of the fee is refundable. Alternatively, the entire 100% can be applied toward a future iAiS-MaKoM Institute retreat]




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The Hebrew Way to God Consciousness

Mosaic Kabbalah, Israel’s Recovered Foundational Mystical-Initiatory

Tradition of the First Temple Priests



 Summer Mountain Retreat



Aleph Initiation Level: The Seeker (“One Who Awakens”)



Select Meditations of the Aleph Initiation Level

  1. Silence Meditation (cultivating Inner Silence)
  2. Sôd Meditation (cultivating Secrecy)
  3. Yir’ah Meditation (cultivating Fear/Awe of God)


Interactive Range of Explorations of Mosaic Kabbalah’s Foundational Ideas:




Serpent of the Paradise: Adam and Eve in the Garden Called PaRDeS

Is the kundalini Serpent Fire a blessing or a curse? Why would the Hebrew God prohibit humans from eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Is knowledge bad? Is knowledge of what is good and what is bad, bad?


Divine / Human Interface: That Annoying State between Naps

What is consciousness? What is Divine Consciousness? Is it different from Higher, or Expanded, Consciousness? Is it the same as Super Consciousness? Are there models of consciousness? Plato’s, Freudian, Sepher Yetzirah’s, and Moses’s respective approaches to consciousness. A 21st century metaphoric model of consciousness.


Good-Evil Dimension: Amalek versus Hitler

The kabbalistic meaning of evil as taught by the Torah of Moses on the level of the Sôd (secret). The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: WHERE is this “Tree” located? If we don’t know where it is, can we know how, or why, to avoid it?


Jacob the Liar and Jacob the Thief? The Cipher of Twelve

The blessing “stolen” by Jacob from his brother Esau. This Blessing is Israel’s inheritance. Can such a thing be stolen? Is the Forefather of the Jewish people, one of the most spiritual people in history of humanity—a thief who robs his father-in-law? The speckled and striped sheep of Jacob: the tallit and teffilin of the Evolving/Expanding Consciousness.


What’s the Big Deal about Idolatry: The Nature of Fakes, Fallacies, Simulacra, and K’lippot, Spiritual Blinders

Kabbalistic suicides, deicides, patricides, and other (kabbalistic) crimes and misdemeanors. Molding the Golden Calf of one’s substitute god. The kabbalistic meaning of the Talmudic story of the four sages who entered PaRDeS, the Garden.


Jacob, the “One Who Awakens” Asymmetric Noetic Parallelism

Esau the Everyman. Jacob the Jew. Abraham the Hebrew. Israel the Initiate. Akibah the Kabbalist. Aaron the Adept. Joshua the Warrior. Moses the Servant of YHWH.


Personal Interviews