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When a Seeker attends a typical Kabbalah workshop or class, perhaps one should ask the following question. Had the Hebrew slaves in Egypt employed the meditations and/or spiritual exercises that you’ve just been taught in a class; or perhaps they listened to the wonderful Hassidic stories of beggars and rich people; or kept uttering the prayers current at Jewish denominations and congregations today.

Would such spiritual technologies have freed them from their Egyptian status of being slaves?

We should know the answer right away. The slaves would not have been relieved of the necessity to fulfill their daily quota of straw bricks—even if an ongoing daily practice of a wonderfully-relaxing 20-minute “transcendental” or some newest Jewish meditation routine is to become part of their lives.

And neither will you be freed, Seeker, from your personal Egyptian bondage, not through conventional denominational Judaisms nor via today’s pop-Kabbalahs.