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Does the would-be Mosaic Kabbalah initiate experience the rising of Kundalini-like energy, the so-called Kundalini awakening, as it is described in Kundalini yoga?

The answer to this question is a conditional “yes.” The crucial difference between the two traditions is that the ancient Hebraic system is not involved with the efforts to achieve “Kundalini awakening,” to “awaken” the bio-power of Kundalini energy and with attempts to raise it upward—let alone to “worship” the Kundalini energy as a goddess.

The ancient Hebraic system—the Kabbalah of Moses—chooses to focus, as can be seen in Genesis, on the “wells” (= the chakras), but, once again, not as it is done in Hinduism. There, the opening of the chakras is the direct consequence of “Kundalini awakening,” of Kundalini energy’s bio-power transit through chakras.

In contrast, the ancient Hebrew way is “digging the wells” (as portrayed in Genesis 21) and ignoring the serpent “goddess” altogether—that is, letting the Kundalini energy do what it will naturally, spontaneously. View “On Kundalini Awakening.”