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There are seven initiatory levels in Mosaic Kabbalah.

One cannot and must not go from zero speed to a speed of light in one go; this would instantly crush the experiencer. The aim here is being in the presence of the living God—it’s a terrifying and potentially-lethal or damaging experience for one unsuitable or unprepared for it.

The 1st initiatory level—the so-called Aleph-initiation called “the Seeker, or One Who Awakens”—can be described as a gradual realization by the experiencer of being located in a “Kabbalistic wilderness.” The aspirant then learns to avoid “Kabbalistic crimes and misdemeanors” (in a manner of speaking).

The 2nd level—the Yod-initiation level called “Kabbalistic Promised Land: The Hebrew (ha-Ivri), or One Who Crosses Over”—is indeed about crossing a fundamental threshold that puts one onto a path to a formal relationship with the God of Israel.

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